Introducing Modular Containment

Get the core benefits of traditional containment with greater flexibility and lower cost.

Similar to traditional containment systems, AisleLok enables better airflow management that can yield significant benefits to your computer room, including increased rack densities, lower cooling costs, and the elimination of hot spots. However, AisleLok achieves these same benefits with greater flexibility and a modular application that be applied on a per-rack basis.

Benefits include:

  • Enables higher rack densities, lower inlet temperatures, and reduced energy costs.
  • Easy to self-install without the use of tools; requires no disruption to your computer room.
  • Modular and flexible design allows products to easily be moved and redeployed as your   computer room evolves.

“Extensive CFD analysis on the AisleLok® Modular Containment design shows that the solution can reduce server inlet temperatures by as much as 20°F in extreme conditions.”

Download our white paper to learn the effectiveness and implementation of modular containment in existing data centers.

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