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Upsite Technologies’ AisleLok Modular Containment Named Winner to The Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards

January 14, 2015
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MI Impact-WINNER_Bright Idea Award_2015

Innovative Airflow Management system takes 2015 “Bright Idea” category

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. –January 14, 2015–Upsite Technologies, Inc., a leader in data center airflow management solutions, today announced that its newest offering, AisleLok® Modular Containment, has won the “Bright Idea” category of the 2015 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards.

AisleLok® is an elegant Airflow Management (AFM) solution that offers the core benefits of containment and aisle separation in a highly flexible, re-deployable and affordable design. AisleLok has improved the airflow conditions at a number of data centers. The innovative system’s three main components are comprised of: Rack Top Baffles, Bi-Directional Doors and Adjustable Rack Gap Panels.

AisleLok Image

The 2015 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards recognize the top products and technologies in the essential areas of technology that Modern Infrastructure covers, and includes 7 categories. The awards were judged by the Modern Infrastructure e-zine editorial staff, in conjunction with users, readers and industry experts. Readers wrote that the value of AisleLok® is found in its “clever design and features, including magnetic attachments and quick, tool-less installation” and that “It is a unique product that provides a great alternative to full containment systems.”

“We are honored that AisleLok Modular Containment has been named the winner of the ‘Bright Idea’ category of the 2015 Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards” said Peter Crook, President of Upsite Technologies. “AisleLok Modular Containment is both a multi-faceted and practical solution for data center owner/operators. It is rewarding to see it recognized by such a reputable organization as a winning product in the data center space.”

The graphic below, featured on Tech Target’s Website, highlights several quotes given by voters of the award.



About Upsite Technologies
Upsite Technologies®, Inc. is an industry leader in data center airflow management. Upsite provides a full suite of products and services designed to optimize data center cooling systems, allowing managers to maximize cooling capacity while reducing energy costs. Upsite distributes its award-winning line of services and products, including its KoldLok® raised-floor grommet, through leading channel partners in the data center industry throughout the United States, EMEA and the Asia Pacific regions.

Upsite Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2001 and included Ken Brill, creator of the Uptime Institute, a think tank dedicated to understanding, improving, educating and expanding awareness of uptime and optimal inefficiencies in data centers.

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