Adjustable Rack Gap Panel

The AisleLok® Adjustable Rack Gap Panel is an ideal solution for closing off gaps between racks, such as those created by building support columns or missing IT racks. For non-metallic surfaces, the AisleLok Striker Plate Kit (10164-SPK) can be attached to allow for installation of the Adjustable Rack Gap Panel in areas where an adjacent cabinet is not present.

Product Numbers
10164-42: 42U Adjustable Rack Gap Panel
MSRP: $590.00 (each)
10164-45: 45U Adjustable Rack Gap Panel
MSRP: $625.00 (each)
10164-48: 48U Adjustable Rack Gap Panel
MSRP: $660.00 (each)
10164-50: 50U Adjustable Rack Gap Panel
MSRP: $685.00 (each)
10164-SPK: Striker Plate Kit (Sold separately)    MSRP: $50.00


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  • Covers gap widths from 10” to 60” (250-1500mm)
  • Easy to order; no measuring or customization required
  • Installs out of the box. No assembly or configuration required
  • Tool-less installation allows attachment directly to the cabinet side panel magnetically
  • Rugged, high-quality design
  • Symmetrical design allows for mounting on left or right side.
  • Reversible design— can show either the black side or white side of the material
  • Can easily be removed and reapplied in minutes as your computer room needs change
  • Flame-resistant rated materials
  • Reduces exhaust air recirculation
  • Supports Increased reliability and availability by helping to reduce server intake temperatures and hot spots caused by hot air recirculation
  • Enables the reduction of bypass airflow
  • Improves cooling airflow, which allows for higher rack densities
  • Provides the opportunity to increase set point temperatures and/or turn off cooling units, which can reduce energy costs
  • Adapts to the computer room as needs change; not locked into a permanently attached design
  • Modular design and out-of-the-box installation does not require 3rd party design, engineering, or installation

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