Under Rack Panels

Designed to seal a variety of openings below the rack in new and existing raised server racks, the AisleLok® Under Rack Panel will block bypass airflow and maximize cooling system efficiency of the data center. It uses a revolutionary sealing technology which was designed to allow easy modifications, creating the flexibility to seal large and unique openings. Adhesively attached.

Product Numbers:
10126: 27.5″ (698.5mm) Under Rack Panel
MSRP: $180.00 (carton of 10)
10127: 31.5″ (800.1) Under Rack Panel
MSRP: $250.00 (carton of 10)

We also offer Magnetic Under Rack Panels in 26″ and 33.5″ which attach magnetically.


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  • Two designs which feature longer, durable sealing panels (27.5″ and 31.5″) which are customizable to seal a variety of gaps under the server rack
  • Rigid PVC support frame, with a double sided adhesive, provides a permanent and nonparticulate attachment to the rack. The softer, flexible sealing material easily forms under the rack and can be customized as needed
  • Tool-less application — simply “peel and stick”
  • Under Rack Panel seals more effectively than a comparable brush without sagging
  • AisleLok products are compliant with Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Parliament and the Council on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electric Equipment (RoHS)
  • Solid PVC panel prevents sagging common in comparable products with brush type fills
  • Supports increasing rack and cabinet density
  • Increases existing cooling unit capacity
  • Reduces the need to purchase additional cooling units
  • Improves IT equipment reliability and extends equipment life
  • Complies with best practices for both raised floor and slab computer room cooling configurations (Legacy, Hot and Cold Aisle, Hot Aisle Containment, Cold Aisle Containment, etc.)

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