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About the Assessment

Upsite Technologies developed the Cooling Capacity Assessment to help data center mangers understand their cooling infrastructure utilization before making important decisions about infrastructure investments. The service helps managers to benchmark existing conditions, identify opportunity for improvement, and provide recommendations for fixing problems.

Based on an original research report conducted by Upsite Technologies of 45 data centers worldwide, the average data center uses 3.9 times more cooling capacity than IT load. This excessive use of cooling results from a poor airflow management strategy, as well as the misunderstanding and misdiagnoses of cooling problems. Few managers realize that many computer room cooling problems can be solved by simply implementing an AFM strategy, rather than adding more costly cooling units.

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The Cooling Capacity Assessment will analyze your data center cooling infrastructure to identify costly problem areas, as well suggest the solutions to fix them. The end result is reduced cooling costs and increased energy efficiency, and the potential to add more IT gear using your current cooling infrastructure. Highlights of the service include:

  • Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF) Calculation
  • Stranded Capacity Analysis
  • Airflow Management (AFM) Review
  • Data Center ‘Best Practices’ Review
  • Thermographic Analysis

Cost Savings

The Cooling Capacity Assessment will provide you with a full understanding of your current cooling infrastructure, allowing you ‘right size’ your cooling capacity and see results immediately. Most sites can expect to see an ROI in months—not years. Benefits of this service include:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved PUE
  • Improved IT equipment reliability
  • Increased room cooling capacity
  • Deferred capital expenditure
  • Reduced carbon footprint

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