Client Testimonials

Upsite products have helped managers and companies around the globe control and optimize airflow in their data centers. See what our happy customers have to say:

“ Ensuring there’s no wasted cooling is vital. Accurate control of the airflow through KoldLok Grommets allows us to consider energy-savings strategies such as increasing CRAC set points.”

~ Chris Flanagan, Data Center Development Manager, Fujitsu Services

“Blanking panels are the first line of ‘defense’ in the cold aisle/contained aisle.”

~ Adrian Honeybill, Group Lead for Energy and Sustainability, TelecityGroup

“I always like to be aware of new solutions that enter the market, and see how they can solve my problems differently than what’s currently available.”

~ David Martinez, AisleLok Customer, Sandia National Labs

“We have looked and looked for a solution like KoldLok. If KoldLok had been around 10 years ago, we probably would not have needed to add a cooling unit back then. It improves the efficiency of our cooling system a great deal.”

~ Doug Becker, IT Operations Supervisor, Cargill IT Services, Global Hosting Service

“We can control temperatures much better by managing floor penetrations with KoldLok products. We can arrange equipment the way it should be arranged, to direct airflow to cold aisles.”

~ Eric Sheperd, Data Center Facilities Supervisor

“After Upsite’s evaluation and remediation, we’re definitely running more efficiently. We can now upgrade equipment and accomplish our technology objectives because temperatures are lower.”

~ Kelly Lesher, Manager, Enterprise Command Center, UNM

“After having hands on experience with nearly every available product on the market, HotLok is by far the superior choice. Not only does it create the best seal, but its universal mounting system and finger grips make it the easiest to use and reuse.”

~ Lauren Tucker, Director for National Sales, DataSite, National Wholesale and Retail Colocation Owner/Operator

“AisleLok Modular Containment is a fantastic addition to our data center! ”

~ Steve H., Data Center Engineer

“As we have invested in new equipment and replaced racks, we have standardized with KoldLok Grommets to circumvent cooling problems. ”

~ Steve Spooner, Operations Engineer

“AisleLok’s secret sauce is its “clever design and features, including magnetic attachments and quick, tool-less installation.”

~ TechTarget

“In the past, deploying a containment system took days…with the Upsite AisleLok Modular Containment, we are talking about minutes.”

~ TechTarget

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