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About the Seminar

The Cooling Science Seminar is a two day on-site education service designed to educate your staff about the science behind data center airflow management (AFM) and provide them with the knowledge to implement AFM best practices immediately.

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There is a lack of understanding of the science and techniques of effective data center cooling management. This includes the ability to quantify the changes necessary, to identify the appropriate best practice, and to implement the airflow management strategy in the computer room.

Solving airflow management issues starts with education. That’s where the experts of Upsite Technologies come in. With over a decade of research and in-field experience, Upsite wrote the book on airflow management best practices. And now we’re ready to share our knowledge with you via our seminar.

Learn the latest in data center best practices that immediately impact your bottom line, including how to:

  • Identify isolated airflow issues negatively affecting IT reliability
  • Optimize cooling airflow
  • Eliminate hot and/or cold spots
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce bypass air leakage
  • Increase unit cooling set points
  • Increase cooling capacity to allow for installation of more IT equipment
  • Defer capital expenditures on cooling equipment

Unlike most other industry training seminars which require you to visit a company’s campus, Upsite Technologies brings our Cooling Science Seminar straight to you and your facility. This not only makes it more convenient, but also more cost effective, eliminating travel and lodging expenses per person.

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