Airflow Management Awareness Month

Our 7th annual Airflow Management Awareness Month has concluded. Watch the webinars on-demand below!

Airflow management is a vital part of keeping modern data centers operating at peak performance.

Airflow Management Awareness Month seeks to highlight that importance and educate data center operators
on how they can make changes on many different levels that add up to real savings on energy costs.


Week 1: Data Center Containment Best Practices: Key Considerations to Maximize ROI

Data center containment has gone mainstream over the past decade, which has led to widespread implementation and adoption by many sites. In fact, according to a recent survey by the Uptime Institute, 80% of sites have implemented either hot or cold aisle containment. However, although containment is experiencing a high rate of adoption, there are still many misconceptions and therefore many considerations to look at when evaluating the different options and strategies that are available. The most common consideration is determining whether to contain hot aisles or cold aisles. Other considerations include hard vs soft containment, partial vs full containment, and many others. This session will evaluate the different scenarios in which each of these considerations is more applicable, including retrofit vs new construction, and discuss strategies after containment has been implemented to maximize the cooling efficiency and cost savings benefits.

Presented by Lars Strong, P.E., Senior Engineer and Company Science Officer, Upsite Technologies
June 07, 2022 11 AM (EDT)/ 8 AM (PDT)
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Week 2: How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Can Optimize Data Center Performance

As data centers have adapted to many changes over the past couple of years, managing sites with limited on-site personnel has become a new challenge. Because of this, a renewed focus by data center managers has been placed on remote monitoring and management solutions to help ensure operations continue to run as efficiently as possible. And while legacy monitoring and DCIM solutions provide some resolve to this issue, ever-changing needs and requirements by data centers are driving much change and innovation in this segment of the industry. This session will examine the software solutions that are currently available to remotely monitor and manage data center operations, with an emphasis on the power and cooling infrastructure, and discuss how artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing this landscape. This analysis will take many factors into consideration including, real-time thermal performance, airflow management, power consumption, risk mitigation, and cooling optimization.

Presented by Lars Strong, P.E., Senior Engineer and Company Science Officer, Upsite Technologies and Tracy Collins, Vice President of Sales, Americas, EkkoSense
June 14, 2022 11 AM (EDT)/ 8 AM (PDT)

Week 3: Data Center Risk Management: The Importance of Mitigating Risk to Maximize Resiliency

Data centers and other mission critical environments have become the backbone of our digital society and economy, serving as the infrastructure for most business operations. While this has been the case for a couple decades now, our reliance on data centers has increased in recent years, and even more so during the pandemic as digital communications have become the norm. Because of this, managing risk has been thrown into the spotlight as data center operators strive to ensure uptime in mission critical environments, all while facing an ever-increasing number of risks. This session will discuss the importance of recognizing the different types of risks faced by mission critical operations, both human factors and physical, and provide guidance on how to mitigate those risks to ensure uptime and maximize resiliency.

Mark Acton, Independent Consultant, Non Executive Director, EkkoSense
June 21, 2022 11 AM (EDT)/ 8 AM (PDT)

Week 4: How Modernization and New Digital Demands Have Impacted (and Changed) The Data Center

These past couple of years have been an accelerating force in the data center industry. Outside of record-breaking M&A activity, our critical infrastructure facilities have fundamentally changed. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the latest research from InformationWeek, Data Center Frontier, AFCOM, and Data Center Knowledge. This curated research will focus on the latest reports covering supply chain challenges, working with digital twins, new requirements around sustainability, and integrating with a new perimeter-less workforce. Specifically, we’ll cover modern data center trends, current challenges facing critical infrastructure, data-driven modeling and digital twin solutions, adapting to new refresh cycles, and a deeper understanding of ESG and sustainability.

Presented By Bill Kleyman, Executive Vice President of Digital Solutions, Switch
June 28, 2022 11 AM (EDT)/ 8 AM (PDT)

Featured Speakers

Lars Strong, P.E.

Senior Engineer and Company Science Officer, Upsite Technologies


Tracy Collins

Vice President of Sales, Americas, EkkoSense

Mark Acton

Independent Consultant, Non Executive Director, EkkoSense

Bill Kleyman

Executive Vice President of Digital Solutions, Switch


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