Airflow Management Awareness Month

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Airflow management is a vital part of keeping modern data centers operating at peak performance.

Airflow Management Awareness Month seeks to highlight that importance and educate data center operators
on how they can make changes on many different levels that add up to real savings on energy costs.

Week 1: Data Center Cooling 101: A Beginner's Guide to Airflow Management Best Practices and Cooling Optimization

As new personnel enter the industry, they are often bombarded with a slew of buzzwords and marketing messages that would lead them to believe that data centers almost run themselves. And while monitoring and DCIM solutions are improving the management of power and cooling, an understanding of the fundamental science is crucial to both see through the hype and get the most out of management systems. More so, as the veterans in our industry start to retire, much of the basic knowledge around power and cooling is often overlooked when training their successors. This session will provide that basic knowledge and give a fundamental understanding of the power and cooling infrastructure in a data center, with an emphasis on cooling optimization. In this session, you’ll learn how to recover stranded cooling capacity, reduce operating costs, improve IT equipment reliability, and prolong the life and capacity of the data center.  

Presented by Lars Strong, P.E., Senior Engineer and Company Science Officer, Upsite Technologies
June 09, 2020 11 AM (EDT)/ 8 AM (PDT)

Week 2: Understanding a New Workforce: How to Recruit and Retain the Next Generation of Data Center Professionals

It’s pretty clear that trying to understand a new generation of workers is top of mind for just about everyone. Generation Z after all accounts for 61 million people in the United States, a number that’s already larger than Generation X and two-thirds the size of the baby boomers. As this new generation enters the workforce, the big question that many employers are asking themselves is, “how do I recruit and retain Generation Z workers?” The short answer is – nothing like you would recruit previous generations. While Millennials were the digital pioneers, GenZ are the real-world digital natives and their drivers and motivators are vastly different. This presentation will examine the internal and external factors that impact the decisions of GenZ workers while discussing what employers can do to tailor their hiring process and benefits packages to effectively recruit and retain this new generation of working professionals.

Presented by Bill Kleyman, Executive Vice President of Digital Solutions, Switch
June 16, 2020 11 AM (EDT)/ 8 AM (PDT)

Week 3: Introduction to International Data Center Standards

It is imperative to underpin our digital infrastructure with genuine commonly agreed global standards and metrics. These are the tools needed to create consistent benchmarks which support better understanding and continued improvement of the delivery of digital services — in terms of both reliability/availability and energy efficiency. As it stands, the data center standards landscape is a very confusing and difficult arena to navigate through. There are documents and frameworks in existence which are routinely referenced but are not true standards in that they are not recognized by either national or international standards bodies. This lack of cohesion has resulted in a significant degree of competition for the very lucrative market of providing data center certification as well as a lack of common understanding across the data center sector. This presentation will address the issue of certification and take a look at some of the steps being made to truly standardize and globalize the data center standards landscape.

Presented By Mark Acton, Independent Consultant, Non Executive Director, EkkoSense
June 23, 2020 11 AM (EDT)/ 8 AM (PDT)

Week 4: Identifying Early Warning Signs of Cooling Issues With Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Software Tools

Most organizations are either unaware of the thermal risks that lurk in their data centers or think they are adequately covered because they have a good Building Management System (BMS) in place. Conversely, they may also be hesitant to properly address certain issues as they worry it might highlight bad practice or cause them more work to resolve, resulting in more expense. Utilizing emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, software systems now exist to complement BMS systems to identify and manage away thermal risk from mission critical facilities. By removing thermal risk and underpinning cooling optimization projects, these software systems can finally give data center managers ‘thermal peace of mind’. This presentation will examine how these emerging software systems are utilizing AI and ML to remove thermal risk and optimize the cooling infrastructure of mission critical facilities.

Presented by Dean Boyle, Joint Founder and Chief Executive Officer of EkkoSense and Stu Redshaw, Joint Founder and Chief Technology Officer of EkkoSense
June 30, 2020 11 AM (EDT)/ 8 AM (PDT)

Featured Speakers

Lars Strong

P.E., Senior Engineer and Company Science Officer, Upsite Technologies


Bill Kleyman

Executive Vice President of Digital Solutions, Switch


Mark Acton

Independent Consultant, Non Executive Director, EkkoSense

Dean Boyle

Joint founder and Chief Executive Officer of EkkoSense

Stu Redshaw

Joint founder and Chief Technology Officer of EkkoSense

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