Save More Energy With Koldlok®

Report Finds that KoldLok Brush Grommets Seal Best, Save the Most Energy.

According to an ASHRAE® report on brush grommets, the KoldLok Integral Grommet seals better than any other brush grommet in the industry, providing the highest potential energy savings: nearly $1 Million over ten years for a 1MW data center.

The KoldLok grommet enables a ten year savings of approximately $960,000, 48% more than the Coolbalance at $648,000 and 75% more than Air-Guard at $548,000.

This paper, adapted and summarized from the more extensive report published by ASHRAE documenting scientific test findings for a variety of brush grommets, demonstrates KoldLok’s performance superiority among competitors.

ASHRAE® Guidelines Explained

Lars Strong, Sr. Engineer at Upsite Technologies, explains these guidelines. This is an excerpt from our webinar, “Airflow Management 101” from June 2017’s Airflow Management Awareness Month.

Download the ASHRAE Findings on KoldLok brush grommets

Get the ASHRAE report and see how KoldLok brush grommets are proven money savers for data centers.

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