Sealing Gaps Under IT Racks White Paper

Often overlooked, the small space between the bottom of an IT rack or cabinet and the raised floor or slab can have a significant impact on IT inlet temperatures. Such areas are common, as casters and leveling feet under IT cabinets create gaps from half an inch up to two or more inches between the floor and the bottom of the cabinet. However, this space allows the hot air from the IT equipment exhaust at the rear of the rack to flow under the rack and back into the IT equipment air inlets at the front of the rack.

The video below is an overview of our Magnetic Under Rack Panels, which are part of a complete gap sealing strategy.

With this tool you will learn:

Get the white paper “Sealing Gaps Under IT Racks: CFD Analysis Reveals Significant Savings Potential” and begin maximizing your data center’s performance today.

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