Upsite Technologies to Discuss Data Center Containment, Cooling Optimization & More at AFCOM’s Data Center World6 min read

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Upsite continues to share its research and best practices with data center and IT managers.


Las Vegas, Nevada – April 14, 2015 –
 Upsite Technologies, Inc., a leader in data center airflow management solutions, today announced that it will participate in AFCOM’s Data Center World Global Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 20-23.

Upsite Senior Engineer and Company Science Officer, Lars Strong, P.E., will headline two sessions for the conference’s Power & Cooling Track:

Myths of Data Center Containment: What’s True and What’s Not
Monday, April 20, 11:30am-12:30pm, Montego Room

What’s Next in Cooling: How to Measure Efficiency & Effectiveness
Monday, April 20, 3:00pm-4:00pm, Montego Room

In addition to the conference speaking sessions, Upsite will also display its award-winning line of products at Booth 318, including its new AisleLok® Modular Containment Solution.

“We are excited to be back at AFCOM, sharing our field-based research and expertise with other professionals in the industry,” said Lars Strong, P.E.  Peter Crook, President & CEO of Upsite Technologies, added, “I’m happy to share our AisleLok® Modular Containment solution with a new audience. I think data center managers will be interested in learning how AisleLok® leverages existing cooling capacity to lower energy costs.”

AisleLok® Modular Containment is an elegant Airflow Management (AFM) solution that offers the core benefits of containment and hot/cold aisle separation in a highly flexible, re-deployable, and affordable solution that:

  • Can be applied to either hot or cold aisle
  • Can be self-installed in minutes
  • Can quickly and easily be reconfigured without third party labor for installation
  • Provides easy access to all equipment and infrastructure as needed

AisleLok® has improved the airflow conditions at a number of customer sites. Since no custom construction is required, the sites experienced no operational disruption, while saving valuable time. They were also able to reduce risks associated with having third party personnel in the data center (i.e. downtime, security, etc.)

Upsite Technologies continues to display AisleLok® with its best-in-class KoldLok® and HotLok® solutions across the globe. Look for the company again in the next few months at Interop (Las Vegas), Symposium (Silicon Valley), and the Data Center & Computing Conference (NYC).

About Upsite Technologies
Upsite Technologies®, Inc. is an industry leader in data center airflow management. Upsite provides a full suite of products and services designed to optimize data center cooling systems, allowing managers to maximize cooling capacity while reducing energy costs. Upsite distributes its award-winning line of services and products, including its KoldLok® raised-floor grommet, through leading channel partners in the data center industry throughout the United States, EMEA and the Asia Pacific regions.

Upsite Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2001 and included Ken Brill, creator of the Uptime Institute, a think tank dedicated to understanding, improving, educating and expanding awareness of uptime and inefficiencies in data centers.

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