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The arcane world of data center KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and metrics is filled with acronyms, number identifiers, and multiple revisions. Quite frankly, it is not for the faint of heart. Nevertheless, understanding the KPIs and metrics that are available in our industry are important as they give us both the ability to benchmark and reference in terms of improving our operations, as well as comparing and contrasting sites in different parts of the world. (This is why it is so important that we have a ‘standards’ framework that is generally global.)

While some of these KPIs and metrics are perhaps routinely used, or at least routinely referenced, they are not always appreciated for where they come from and what their true reference point is. On top of that, there are a handful of them that are less well known and rarely referenced at all. It is therefore useful that we become aware of the KPIs and metrics that are available, particularly when we start talking about the IT estate, so that we can start to improve the efficiency and availability of data center operations on a global scale.

To learn more about the various data center standards, KPIs, and metrics that are available, check out our recent webinar titled, Introduction to International Data Center Standards.


Please note that these KPIs and metrics are continuously revised and updated. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the websites of the governing bodies responsible for regulating each of these metrics. If you feel any of the information provided in this video misrepresents a specific standard or governing body, please contact us at marketing@upsite.com.

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Mark Acton

Mark Acton

Independent Consultant | Non Executive Director, EkkoSense

With over 25 years of experience in the Data Centre sector industry, Mark has been a specialist in the field of Data Centre Operations for over 20 years, concentrating on the delivery of business critical services from highly reliable, world class Data Centres having 24x365 availability expectations. This has included consultancy and technical advice as well as senior management roles responsible for service delivery and both strategic and operational management within the industry. A Technical Operations Manager with extensive international experience and solid technical skills covering Data Centre Facilities Design, IT and Facilities Operational Management with Technical Consulting.

A regular public speaker, conference host and industry advisor on data centre technical issues, currently acting as consultant and Non-Executive Director for leading data centre operators and solutions developers as well as being involved in International data centre Standards development.


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