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by | Dec 18, 2013 | Press

KoldLok® 2 Post Rack Grommet eliminates data center bypass airflow, installs in minutes and requires no cutting, modifying or tools. 
Albuquerque, NM – December 18, 2013 –Upsite Technologies, Inc., a leader in data center airflow management solutions, announced today its latest airflow management offering: the KoldLok® 2 Post Rack Grommet, further advancing efficiency in the data center through proper airflow management.

The easy-to-install KoldLok 2 Post Rack Grommet prevents bypass airflow by sealing off the rectangular area in the 2 post cabinet, while promoting data center cleaning best practices, preventing dust and other debris from getting trapped in hard-to-reach areas.

The KoldLok 2 Post Rack Grommet includes the following features:

  • A Split Design to allow for retrofit installation
  • A design that works with variations in rack material thickness
  • An installation that requires no cutting, modifying or tools
  • RoHS Compliance

“Upsite Technologies continues to be at the forefront of data center airflow management,” said John Thornell, President, Upsite Technologies. “The KoldLok 2 Post Rack Grommet is an easy-to-install airflow management product that gives data center managers the ability to realize instant efficiency gains.”

Recently, Upsite conducted a review of numerous data centers throughout the country, finding that only thirteen-percent were maximizing their cooling capacity; highlighting the vast opportunity for Airflow Management (AFM) best practices. Those interested in getting more insight on proper airflow management techniques can visit Upsite’s White Paper Library.

About Upsite Technologies
Upsite Technologies®, Inc. is the industry leader in data center airflow management. Upsite provides a full suite of products and services designed to optimize data center cooling systems, allowing managers to maximize cooling capacity while reducing energy costs. Upsite distributes its award-winning line of services and products, including its KoldLok® raised-floor grommet, through leading channel partners in the data center industry throughout the United States, EMEA, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Upsite Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Ken Brill, creator of the Uptime Institute, a think tank dedicated to understanding, improving, educating and expanding awareness of uptime and optimal inefficiencies in data centers. Additional information can be found at


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