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At the beginning of the month, in an effort to spread knowledge and awareness around data center airflow management best practices, we decided to declare June as Airflow Management Awareness Month. Over the course of the past four weeks, we presented a series of complimentary webinars with industry experts to educate operators and managers in the data center industry on various topics.

The webinars were very well attended, showing us that airflow management is both a top priority, but also an area that many facilities are looking to improve upon. Since airflow management is at the core of what we do here at Upsite, we are glad that we were able to provide education on the science and best practices of airflow management to the many attendees, and also share that information with all of you.

Below you will find information about each webinar along with links to the slides as well the webinar recordings, enjoy!

The Science Behind Data Center Airflow Management Best Practices

4 Rs with BrandsLars Strong, P.E., Senior Engineer, Upsite Technologies
Mark Seymour, Director, Future Facilities.

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the underlying science behind data center airflow management and how applying best practices can make the greatest impact on the computer room, both in terms of energy savings and capacity.

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Myths of Data Center Containment: What’s True and What’s Not

ContainmentLars Strong, P.E., Senior Engineer, Upsite Technologies

This presentation focuses on common misconceptions about containment in data centers and provides participants with a technical understanding of the science behind containment. This understanding will enable managers  to more fully realize the benefits of their own containment systems or be able to make informed decisions about deploying containment.

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How IT Decisions Impact Facilities: The Importance of Mutual Understanding

IT and Facilities UnderstandingLars Strong, P.E., Senior Engineer, Upsite Technologies
Ian Seaton, Industry Guru & Technical Advisor, Upsite Technologies

Decisions and actions typically under the jurisdiction of the IT side of data center management can have a profound impact on the mechanical systems and resultant operating costs and capacity of the data center. By understanding these impacts, IT and facilities management are able to develop a cooperative approach to managing the data center, resulting in a more effective and efficient operation, thereby reducing operating costs.

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Data Center Cooling Efficiency: Understanding the Science of the 4 Delta T’s 2015-06-24 00-54-00Presented by: Lars Strong, P.E., Senior Engineer, Upsite Technologies

While the term Delta T may be commonly used in the industry, there is much misunderstanding about where and why temperatures are changing in computer rooms. While two ΔT’s are commonly known, there are actually four different ΔT’s which contribute to the health of the data center. Understanding the sources of these differences and measuring them in your site provides insight about how to further improve the efficiency and capacity of computer room cooling.

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Lars Strong

Lars Strong

Senior Engineer


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