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by | May 9, 2018 | Blog

Next June begins our 3rd Annual Airflow Management Awareness Month. We thought we’d get your appetite going for some great information about how small changes, can lead to big impacts in the data center with a video snippet of last year’s AFM Awareness Month.

In this year’s AFM Awareness Month, we are joined by Ian Seaton, a well-known expert in the industry and data center consultant with many years of experience optimizing data centers. As always, lars Strong our Sr. Engineer and airflow guru will be giving his latest insights.

We’ll cover some of the basics with AFM 101 and then delve into some specific, and often overlooked components of airflow management with data center cleanliness and cable management. Finally, we’ll wrap things up with an in-depth look at processes and tools for optimizing the data center.

You can sign up for all of the weekly webinars on the Airflow Management Awareness Month webpage. In the meantime, below is an excerpt from last years webinar which helps to clarify bypass airflow.

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