New Light Reflectance HotLok Blanking Panel Introduced by Upsite Technologies®5 min read

by | Jun 1, 2012 | Press

Upsite Technologies, Inc. the “pioneering company in airflow management solutions” announces the HotLok White Blanking Panel, the latest product from the HotLok® rack airflow management solutions and the award winning patented LOK Family of Solutions™.

HotLok White Blanking Panels are engineered to offer light reflectance properties for energy savings by increasing the reflectivity in the server cabinet and reducing the amount of lighting required. At normal data center lighting levels, the white blanking panel offers 3.5 times the reflectance of a standard black blanking panel. This means more brilliancy in the data center and better illumination of surrounding surfaces and computer cabinets. White blanking panels are available to coordinate with white racks and enclosures for improved aesthetics.


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