The Rack is Evolving: Make Sure Your Cooling Doesn’t Get Left Behind8 min read

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It’s 2015 and it’s time to say hello to a new kind of data center. Modern organizations are reshaping their business practices around the capabilities of their own data center infrastructure. There are more unique footprints, more use-cases, and a lot more data centers being built. These powerful, multi-tenant, data warehouses are storing information for some of the world’s biggest – and smallest – organizations. Within these massive walls sits the infrastructure that supports all of these critical workloads. And, this infrastructure is evolving quickly. What are the big impactors pushing the data center and the modern rack to change?

  • Infrastructure convergence
  • Unified platforms
  • Rack optimizations
  • User density and mobility
  • Internet of Everything
  • Cloud computing

The latest numbers from Cisco confirm a lot of what’s happening within the data center. Consider this – Global cloud IP traffic will account for more than three-fourths (76 percent) of total data center traffic by 2018. Furthermore, By 2018, more than three quarters (78 percent) of workloads will be processed by cloud data centers. With that in mind – what are you doing to better cool your cloud? Most of all, how are you deploying impactful technologies to help your cooling solution evolve as quickly as your data center? Here are some ways to keep up.

  • Be proactive about your cooling. This is where visibility into your cooling solution really takes place. New DCIM solutions continuously analyze hot, cold and dead zones within your data center. Most of all – you can now proactively create policies to ensure cooling is delivered throughout your entire data center. Another great way to stay proactive is to do physical cooling analysis of your rack and data center environment. This means incorporating the business side of your data center as well. Is your business growing? Are you taking on more users? How well is your cooling supporting your environment now vs the near future? By creating intelligent, proactive, policies around cooling – you begin to deploy even more efficiencies around your rack.
  • Keep an eye on the rack – and rack density. There’s no doubt that there needs to be direct communication between facilities people and data center engineers. New servers, converged systems, and hardware technologies are changing the density and design of a rack. Just because a converged system is smaller than a few servers doesn’t mean it requires less cooling or power. Keep an eye on your rack as your business evolves. New technologies are constantly released which allow you to add more users and create a better experience. Through it all – always ensure your data center and rack environment are cooled properly.
  • Don’t be afraid to test new technologies. Maybe it’s a new type of grommet. Or, maybe you’re testing entire rack isolation technologies. Whatever it may be – always test new technologies which help your data center run more optimally. New solutions allow you to completely segment a portion of your data center for specific applications and functions. These pieces allow you to add racks, cooling gear, and optimize the flow of air for a specific region. Furthermore, airflow technologies are keeping pace with advanced server and data center systems. In this industry and market – complacency can get you leapfrogged when it comes to competition.

Know that technology doesn’t slow down and you will have to keep up to stay competitive in this market. The good news is that cooling capabilities are changing as the needs of the data center evolve. There are new ways to control some of the most advanced data center platforms out there. Whether it’s through liquid-cooled server systems, or integrated rack-layer cooling solutions – new advances are here to keep your cloud and rack running more efficiently – and cooler.

Bill Kleyman

Bill Kleyman

CTO, MTM Technologies


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