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LOK Family of Solutions can help you achieve environmental sustainability and support your energy efficiency goals

  • KoldLok® Grommets prevent costly bypass airflow – conditioned air that escapes through unsealed cable openings. Installing KoldLok raised floor grommets raises the static pressure under the floor and increases the volume of cold air that is delivered to equipment intakes. Maximizing the volume of conditioned airflow through perforated tiles and grates is the easiest and lowest cost way to reduce energy consumption and lower air intake temperatures.
  • HotLok® Blanking Panels prevent the circulation of damaging hot exhaust air from the back of the cabinet to air intakes in the front. Installing HotLok blanking panels immediately reduces the intake air temperature of servers, resulting in decreased need for energy to cool air.
  • AisleLok™ Partial Containment Products prevent errant airflow in the aisle. Installing AisleLok sealing solutions increases efficiency, capacity and system reliability by steering hot exhaust air away from bypass airflow vulnerabilities and towards safer return airflow channels.
  • EnergyLok® Services prevent unnecessary waste by promoting computer room airflow optimization and enhanced data center energy efficiency. This suite of services incorporates the science of airflow management to improve the overall health of the data center cooling environment and to ensure your savings entitlement is maximized while IT equipment reliability is protected.

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

Products and packaging that reduce the amount of resources required, reuse post-consumer content and are recyclable to contribute to overall environmental sustainability.

At Upsite, we know that being an efficient and profitable business and being a good steward of the environment are goals that can work together. Internally, next-generation communications and state-of-the-art technology including mobile collaboration tools, videoconferencing and online digital libraries are fundamental to our corporate sustainability efforts. In addition, Upsite manufactures 100% with recyclable materials and shipped in 65% or more post-consumer recycled boxes.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide emitted through the combustion of fossil fuels. In a data center, electrical energy is consumed to maintain adequate levels of cooling. Recent research by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has shown that in a typical data center, the cooling system accounts for 31% of the total energy consumed. Even more alarming, results from a recent Uptime Institute and Upsite Technologies joint study revealed that on average 60% of the available cooling in a typical computer room is wasted due to bypass airflow.

  • KoldLok Grommets reduce the energy used to cool air in the data center and the carbon footprint of the facility.
  • HotLok Blanking Panels can reduce cooling energy use by up to 29%, shrinking a facility’s carbon footprint.
  • AisleLok Partial Containment Products further minimize a facility’s carbon footprint by taking advantage of the added value derived from managing the airflow around the room allowing more aggressive energy saving actions to be taken. These actions may include reducing fan speed, turning off cooling units, modifying redundancy failure schemes, and raising temperature set points.
  • EnergyLok Services are designed to supervise the entire data center cooling process and optimize the Total Cost of Ownership for housing, powering and cooling (which has increased by 500% since 2000). These services offer a global perspective and understanding of the importance of energy conservation while contributing to operating expense reduction, increased density capabilities and improved data center reliability.
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