The EnergyLoK Cooling Science Seminar: Not your average AFM-1017 min read

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The EnergyLok Cooling Science Seminar: Not your average AFM-101
Remember that first 100-level, introductory seminar you took in college? It fulfilled an uninteresting requirement, attendance was definitely optional, and the professor didn’t even know your name. But eventually, you passed the class, you sold your book back for about 4% of what you paid for it, and you promptly forgot all those definitions scrawled on the backs of index cards. In every way different to this less than stellar seminar experience, Upsite Technologies is introducing their brand new EnergyLok Cooling Science Seminar. Of pertinent interest, convenient attendance, and a personalized approach, the seminar welcomes data center professionals from across the nation.

The EnergyLok Cooling Science Seminar will provide knowledge and analysis of data center Airflow Management (AFM), discuss the latest trends in cooling efficiency, and help operators take control of their cooling expenses and save up to sixty-percent on cooling fan costs alone. Just a two day commitment, but a full two day intensive, the seminar consists of both classroom instruction and hands-on training. The content covers simple problems that lead to huge wastes in energy, like open holes in the floor and blank U-spaces in the rack, as well as other topics such as maximizing cooling capacity, PUE metrics, containment strategies, and the protocol for cooling optimization, among others.

Limited to an exclusive 10 students per site, this seminar provides ample and detailed information tailored precisely for each facility’s individual needs. The seminar is held on-site at each facility for the convenience of operators and the benefit of specifying each seminar’s material to each facility’s interests and demands, for maximizing their cooling capacity. Focused, deliberate, and directly applicable, the educational seminar leaves attendees with some immediate cooling solutions to implement and the knowledge to continue developing better AFM practices. With a rapid influx of information and a program designed for precisely your data center’s needs, we suggest you take notes.

For more information in this new offering, please visit the EnergyLok Cooling Science Seminar page on

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