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With 2018 officially over, we wanted to take a look back at our top stories from the The Upsite Blog. It was a busy year with many things to talk about—everything from managing airflow in colocation facilities to what to consider for when implementing data center containment. We shared a lot of content that we hope you not only enjoyed reading, but also found useful. Here are the top 10 articles that data center professionals like you shared the most in 2018:

1. Data Center Rack Density Increases and Cooling Evolves

Data-Center-Rack-Density-Is-IncreasingAlmost every data center project these days is revolving around the demand for more utilization while focusing on improved efficiency. That is, do more – while still being economical. This means smaller data center footprints, new types of data center designs, and new types of converged…

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2. Effects of Data Center Bypass Airflow

Remember when bypass airflow in a data center was a sign of prestige? That social marker started going the way of arsenic-induced pale complexions, corseted tiny waists and some of the more over-the-top displays of conspicuous consumption, around the time when the term was coined…

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3. Where To Start Airflow Management In the Data Center

The most effective place to start an airflow management improvement initiative is not actually anywhere in the data center. Instead, the first steps toward investing in optimized airflow management begin in a conference room, office, hallway by the water cooler, or perhaps…

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4. Key Considerations When Implementing Data Center Containment

key-considerations-when-implementing-data-center-containmentData center containment has gone mainstream over the past decade, which has led to widespread implementation and adoption by many sites. In fact, according to a recent survey by the Uptime Institute, 80% of sites have implemented either hot or cold aisle containment.

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5. A Case Study for Correcting Non-Compliant Data Center Airflow Patterns

Every data center industry standard and best practice compilation specifies the importance of having all rack-mounted equipment breathe from front to rear. The minor exception is the telco standard, which merely recommends that all equipment receive and move air in the same…

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6. Data Center Temperature Sensor Location

data-center-temperature-sensor-locationHow does a cliché become a cliché? Mostly it has to do with being so obviously true that it goes without saying, but we all say it anyway, such as the old standby: You cannot manage what you do not measure. Back in August, I began a series of blogs on managing airflow management…

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7. Managing Airflow in Colocation Facilities: How to Get Started

managing-airflow-in-colocation-facilities-how-to-get-startedMany types of companies use colocation facilities (multi-tenant or shared data centers) for various reasons. In many cases, they either don’t have enough cabinets to justify their own data center, or they want the higher reliability of a colo site for their most critical equipment, even if…

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8. Airflow Management Considerations for Edge, Micro, Closet Telco Sites

airflow-management-considerations-for-edge-micro-closet-telco-sites1Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a massive focus on edge and micro data center locations. This is happening for good reason. Living in a data-driven society means that we’re leveraging technology for our everyday lives as well as creating competitive advantages in business.

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9. Cooling Efficiency Algorithms: Chiller Performance and Temperature Differentials

cooling-efficiency-algorithms-chiller-performance-and-temperature-differentialsIn my previous two pieces I made recommendations for how to use environmental data collected in the data center to control temperature and airflow settings to maximize mechanical plant efficiency. I then began diving into the eco-system of that mechanical plant to explore the implications…

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10. The Data Center Business is Booming – Here’s How to Stay Prepared

the-data-center-business-is-booming-heres-how-to-stay-preparedI’ve been attending Data Center World conferences for a few years now and have had the honor of speaking at many of them. Now, there are Data Center World local conferences focusing on specific markets. What’s been the general theme? Growth in the data center space, more businesses adopting…

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