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You can never hear too much about ASHRAE’s thermal guidelines, right? (That’s rhetorical.) As we all well know, these famed set of guidelines have been a topic of much discussion, not only here on this blog, but throughout the industry in a collective effort to understand and demystify their ambiguous nature. One point that always seems to come up in these discussions is the difference between ASHRAE’s allowable vs. recommended environmental limits and the debate on which one data centers should follow. In fact, one of our key contributors, Ian Seaton, recently wrote an in-depth 4-part series on this very topic that is well worth the read. If you haven’t had the chance to read through them yet, we highly recommend that you do (we’ve included links at the bottom of this article for your convenience).

In today’s installment of the ASHRAE chronicles, we’d like to share a clip from one of our recent webinars presented by renowned industry expert, Kevin Kent, on data center efficiency. In this video, Kevin gives his take on ASHRAE’s thermal guidelines and how to use them to find your cooling “sweet spot” and to obtain the greatest amount of efficiencies in your data center, without compromising reliability.

To check out the full webinar titled, Can Your Data Center Become Energy Efficient?, presented by Kevin Kent of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, click here. This webinar is part of our 4th Annual Airflow Management Awareness Month webinar series.

What Is the Difference Between ASHRAE’s Recommended and Allowable Data Center Environmental Limits?, 4-part series by Ian Seaton:

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Airflow Management Awareness Month 2019

Did you miss this year’s live webinars? Watch them on-demand now!


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Airflow Management Awareness Month 2019

Did you miss this year’s live webinars? Watch them on-demand now!

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