Bulk Blanking Panels in Returnable Gaylord Packaging

Introducing Upsite’s new returnable bulk Gaylord Packs loaded with ready to install HotLok Blanking Panels.The bulk pack design eliminates cardboard waste, reduces unboxing and installation labor, and may also lower shipping costs.

The reusable gaylord provides safe delivery of 19” 1U or 2U HotLok Blanking panels layered within a collapsible gaylord made of high-density polyethylene, built for long life and years of reliable service. You have a choice to retain the reusable pallet for your own storage or shipping purposes, or Upsite will arrange the pick-up and return of the pallet at no costs to you. Upon receipt, Upsite will reload the pallet and ship it off to the next customer

Product Number:
10221 HotLok Blanking Panel 19″W 1U (1104 EA) Black Gaylord Packs – Returnable Pallet
MSRP: $5552.00
10222 HotLok Blanking Panel 19″W 1U (1104 EA) White Gaylord Packs – Returnable Pallet
MSRP: $5552.00
10224 HotLok Blanking Panel 19″W 2U (528 EA) Black Gaylord Packs – Returnable Pallet
MSRP: $4963.00
10225 HotLok Blanking Panel 19″W 2U (528 EA) White Gaylord Packs – Returnable Pallet
MSRP: $4963.00


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  • Supports corporate green Initiatives
  • 100% Recyclable shipping container
  • Returnable & reusable, ruggedized collapsible container with cover
  • Base offers 4-way forklift/pallet jack access
  • Eliminate cardboard packaging and airborne contamination
  • No additional cost over cardboard packed units
  • Reduces installation labor
  • Option to return container to Upsite for reuse (no cost shipping)
  • Step-by-step instructions explains the return process
  • Crate folds to 12-9/16″ high, 14-3/4″ with the cover
  • Return packing materials are included
  • Option to retain container for internal use at no cost
  • The four way access returnable pallet is easy to move around the facility
  • The folding sides make it easy to unload the pallet and fill the racks
  • The shipping container is also the on-site storage container for blanking panels
  • Options to re-purpose the container for your own use, or easily return it to Upsite for reuse
  • The containers are stackable, easy to knock down and feature a 3:1 return shipment ratio
  • The HotLok Blanking Panel Bulk Shipment Returnable Packaging helps customers meet corporate recycling and green waste
    reduction initiatives and ultimately reduces costs
  • The packaging represents a win-win scenario, where our customers win and its a win for the planet!

Fire RatingRoHS Compliance
UL 94 HBYes

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