Upsite Temperature Strip

The HotLok® Temperature Strip is a liquid crystal thermometer with an acrylic self-adhesive backing that quickly and accurately measures the intake air temperature of IT equipment. It indicates whether the air temperature is within acceptable limits based on the standards established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and equipment manufacturers. Measurement of equipment intake air temperature is used in the management of all elements of cooling infrastructure such as the number and type of perforated tiles or grates, cooling unit temp set points, and cooling unit airflow volumes.

Product Numbers:
10009: Self-Adhesive Temperature Strip
MSRP: $74.40 (carton of 10)
10125: Magnetic Temperature Strip
MSRP: $150.00 (carton of 10)


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Measurement Ranges

  • The HotLok® Temperature Strip has both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scales.
  • Celsius Scale: 10° C to 39° C in increments of 1° C
  • Fahrenheit Scale: 50° F to 102° F in increments of 2° F

Temperature Ranges

  • Blue: Recommended Operating Range based on recommendations from ASHRAE for Class A1 to A4 rooms (Temperature Range: 18° to 27° C, or 64° to 80.6° F)
  • Yellow: Allowable Operating Range based on recommendations from ASHRAE for Class A1 rooms (Temperature Range: 15° C or 32° C or 59° F or 90° F)
  • Red: Outside Allowable Operating Range for Class A1 rooms; indicates conditions above 32° C or 90° F or below 15° C or 59° F, either of which may result in increased equipment failure rates.
  • Identifies hot and cold spots within minutes of application and at a glance thereafter
  • Improves uptime by early identification of trouble areas
  • Color-code based on ASHRAE standards indicates potential hot spots in a glance
  • Supports airflow management practices resulting in improved capacity and reduced operating expenses
  • Is attached using non-permanent mounting methods for reuse in other locations
Fire RatingRoHS Compliance
UL 94 HBYes

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