The industry's first and only tool-less containment solution!

AisleLok® is the industry’s first modular containment solution, proven to provide the core benefits of containment with greater flexibility and value. This is achieved by our completely tool-less design, resulting in an easy-to-install solution that is affordable enough to be scaled across multiple rows and can be applied to either hot or cold aisles, or both.

Introducing the all new Modular Wall

The AisleLok® Modular Wall is a flexible solution for creating separation between hot aisles, cold aisles, and other areas of the data center to help contain and manage airflow. The Modular Wall will come in five standard lengths of 4′, 8′, 12′, 16′ and 20′ with a standard height of 8′, but can also be configured in various custom lengths and heights.

Introducing the new and improved 6' Sliding Doors

The AisleLok® 6′ Sliding Doors have been redesigned to include Sidelights to offer greater flexibility. This update now allows us to offer more sizes of our Sliding Doors, including 7′ and 8′ options, to accommodate the wider aisles.

Containment Doors that Install in Just Three Minutes

The AisleLok Sliding Doors offer data centers aisle-end containment in just minutes and without the need for contract labor. The tool-less design allows for quick and easy installation, removal, and re-installation with exclusive Magswitch® technology — no drilling required. The Sliding Doors reduce data center operating costs by improving thermal efficiency and reducing IT equipment intake temperatures, which enhances both equipment life and reliability. 

Download 4′ Siding Doors Data Sheet
Download 6′, 7′, 8′  Siding Doors Data Sheet 

Can be self-installed right out of the box.

Rack Top Baffles for Hot and Cold Aisles

The primary purpose of any containment solution is to create a barrier between hot and cold air. In cold aisle applications, the Angled Rack Top Baffles provide a barrier to block hot air from wrapping over the cabinet tops into the cold aisle. The angled baffles also reduce the open area at the top of the cold aisle, creating a slight positive pressure that prevents exhaust air from entering the top of the cold aisle. In hot aisle applications, Vertical Rack Top Baffles direct hot air vertically, away from cold aisles.

Download Vertical Baffles Data Sheet
Download Angle Baffles Data Sheet

The core benefits of containment for half the cost.

Modular Containment vs. Full Containment

A comparative CFD study reveals that AisleLok® Modular Containment provides nearly the same airflow management benefits as traditional containment, but at a fraction of the cost. AisleLok has been shown to achieve enough energy savings to pay for itself in about a year–half the time of a full containment system. And with its non-intrusive mounting system, AisleLok® can be self-installed or moved in just minutes, saving you labor costs and time.

Ready to order, off-the-shelf.

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AisleLok Modular Containment does not require a 3rd party to provide custom measurement, design, or installation, saving you time and money up-front. AisleLok products are also conveniently packaged to ship via UPS and arrive at your facility ready-to-install to by your team. To request a quote, please fill out the form to the right.

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Finally, containment made easy.

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“AisleLok’s secret sauce is its clever design and features, including magnetic attachments and quick, tool-less installation.”

~ TechTarget

“AisleLok Modular Containment is a fantastic addition to our data center! ”

~ Steve H., Data Center Engineer

“In the past, deploying a containment system took days…with the Upsite AisleLok Modular Containment, we are talking about minutes.”

~ TechTarget

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